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Pool Spa Covers

We produce swimming pool covers to your specification. Covers help reduce chemical and water loss and the water stays cleaner longer with minimum care


  •     Heat welded to any size
  •     Weight as specified
  •     All colors available
  •     Shiny or mat surface
  •     Additional UV Protection using black yarn inside
  •     Grommet punching
  •     Cable & Winch available
  •     Durable
  •     Tear Resistance
  •     Ease of Handling
  •     Waterproof, Mildew proof


We also produce special swimming pool covers


  •     PVC Safety Cover with all accessories
  •     Leaf Net Cover
  •     Floating Cover
  •     Drainage Cover
  •     Uncoated Cover
  •     Skirt Cover
  •     Bubble Film Cover
  •     Foam Cover
  •     Spa Pool Cover
  •     Solar pool covers


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